Sunday, March 24, 2013

25 Weeks Pregnant

Man, I feel like a sack of potatoes this week! I'm 25+4 weeks in this bump pic...

 Bump at 25 weeks

New due date Our consultant booked me in for C-section on June 17th at 38 weeks. Bye, bye July 1st due date. I have been warned that it is very likely that I will have pre-eclampsia again based on how early it happened last time. I think I'll start to sweat when I get to 28 weeks, which was when Olivia's growth started being restricted. I'll keep hoping I get to 38 week however unlikely that may be. At this stage I'm thankful for every day baba stays in there.

Bump has grown so much in the last week. My skin is itchy and tight and no amount of oils and lotions seems to be alleviating it. I don't care - once this bump is growing it's all good! Baby has been swimming around and around pretty much all day and night. I think this might be the most active baby I have carried.

Weight has finally reached the lower end of the normal range for my height and frame. I was getting a little worried. Like my previous pregnancies I seem to put weight on in spurts and then weigh the same for a few weeks before another little spurt. I guess that's normal for me. 

Appetite / Nausea I have pretty much been starving all week. I woke up one day last week and was starving every two hours. Everything went back to normal yesterday thankfully. I still have nausea and occasional vomiting in the evening times.

Baby room My makeup room is no more. My lovely husnad painted the pink room a neutral colour this week. We also spent a few days clearing out junk and making room. I even cleared a closet and put in baby blankets, a few cardi's the Grandmothers have already knitted and some baby gro's we picked up whilst in Chicago. Doing that made me accept that regardless of the outcome this time I'm still having a baby. 

Appointments This has been my first week off from hospital visits in quite a while. I loved it. I'm back in next Thursday for yet another growth scan. I'm usually worried but since my bump has grown I'm calm this time... for now at least. Ask me again on Wednesday night and I may give you a different answer.

Beauty Issues Is it just me who has to pluck my eyebrows every single day whilst pregnant?! My nails also need clipping twice a week and hair is growing long and thick. So far no acne. I had a facial this week and apparently the skin on my cheeks is dehydrated. I will get right on that.

Maternity clothes Again, a sack of potatoes. I took down a few maternity items from storage and tried them on. It did not go well. They just make me look like a round ball. I blame the increase in chest size - empire line seems to make the situation much worse :) I have been sticking to my ordinary clothes but wearing a longer vest top underneath. Bellybands have also been great - even if just to keep my bump warm.

In toddler news Eve said "leithscéal" this morning after she burped. I had a proud mama moment :) She's obsessed with the movie Tangled at the moment and will sit for the whole thing, completely absorbed. God she's cute!

Anyone else expecting?


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  2. Sack of potatoes!!no..your baby bump looks lovely :) not expecting but hope to be soon :)

  3. I am :) 16 weeks today. It's my first and so far so good! I wish you all the best! Your story is so touching but I love that you are so strong and you decided to try again. Will be following your blog and keeping you and the baby in my prayers. :))

    1. Congratulations Aga! Delighted everything is going so well for you. Hope you're enjoying your pregnancy. It goes so fast! Thank you for your prayers - we can never have enough of those :)
      Amy x