Sunday, March 31, 2013

26 Weeks Pregnant - Woo Hoo!

I am thrilled to have reached 26 weeks without incident. You may be able to hear  my delight continents away! If our baby is born early then he/she has a real fighting chance.

Bump at 26 weeks Pregnant

Scan/Growth I had another growth scan at 26+3 weeks which was last Thursday. I have them very regularly now. As soon as baby measures small, baby will be out. Those were the consultants exact words. Comforting eh! It was lovely to see baba again - even if he/she was hiding from the camera. The whole point of the scan was to make sure that the baby is growing - Olivia's growth restriction began at 28 weeks, 2 weeks before my pre-eclampsia symptoms showed up. Baby's abdominal measured small - in the 6th percentile. They explained that a small abdominal circumference, especially when compared to the head, can be a sign of growth restriction but for now everything is ok. Baby's growth is in the 14th percentile which is smaller than my previous two at this stage. I left very, very nervous. Hopefully the baba's tummy catches up this week. Otherwise we could be having a baby soon. I will see another consultant this Thursday, she's a fetal well-being specialist so hopefully I will get some reassurance then.

Maternity Clothes Blech! Although I did cave and buy a pair of maternity leggings. Holy cotton comfort batman!

Appetite Don't stand still, I may eat you. Weetabix with a banana and bowls of fruit are my favourites.

Pelvic Floor issues Holy God  the pressure! Maybe it's because it's my third pregnancy or maybe it's that I delivered naturally the last time and was pregnant again within 3 months. Whatever the reason I feel like I have been cycling for 12 hours straight. Ouch. I was very good at remembering pelvic floor exercises  - I heard the physiotherapist mention incontinence in your forties and vowed to do kegels every day. Since the doctors told me that c-sections would be safer for me from here on in I have gotten lazy. Looks like I'm paying the price now. Serves me right!

Nerves There's every chance that the damned pre-eclampsia will turn up at the same time as my last pregnancy, at least that's what they're preparing me for.  I can't imagine what it's going to be like when I reach the time when things started to go wrong with Olivia - even if everything goes perfectly.

How is everyone else getting on?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

25 Weeks Pregnant

Man, I feel like a sack of potatoes this week! I'm 25+4 weeks in this bump pic...

 Bump at 25 weeks

New due date Our consultant booked me in for C-section on June 17th at 38 weeks. Bye, bye July 1st due date. I have been warned that it is very likely that I will have pre-eclampsia again based on how early it happened last time. I think I'll start to sweat when I get to 28 weeks, which was when Olivia's growth started being restricted. I'll keep hoping I get to 38 week however unlikely that may be. At this stage I'm thankful for every day baba stays in there.

Bump has grown so much in the last week. My skin is itchy and tight and no amount of oils and lotions seems to be alleviating it. I don't care - once this bump is growing it's all good! Baby has been swimming around and around pretty much all day and night. I think this might be the most active baby I have carried.

Weight has finally reached the lower end of the normal range for my height and frame. I was getting a little worried. Like my previous pregnancies I seem to put weight on in spurts and then weigh the same for a few weeks before another little spurt. I guess that's normal for me. 

Appetite / Nausea I have pretty much been starving all week. I woke up one day last week and was starving every two hours. Everything went back to normal yesterday thankfully. I still have nausea and occasional vomiting in the evening times.

Baby room My makeup room is no more. My lovely husnad painted the pink room a neutral colour this week. We also spent a few days clearing out junk and making room. I even cleared a closet and put in baby blankets, a few cardi's the Grandmothers have already knitted and some baby gro's we picked up whilst in Chicago. Doing that made me accept that regardless of the outcome this time I'm still having a baby. 

Appointments This has been my first week off from hospital visits in quite a while. I loved it. I'm back in next Thursday for yet another growth scan. I'm usually worried but since my bump has grown I'm calm this time... for now at least. Ask me again on Wednesday night and I may give you a different answer.

Beauty Issues Is it just me who has to pluck my eyebrows every single day whilst pregnant?! My nails also need clipping twice a week and hair is growing long and thick. So far no acne. I had a facial this week and apparently the skin on my cheeks is dehydrated. I will get right on that.

Maternity clothes Again, a sack of potatoes. I took down a few maternity items from storage and tried them on. It did not go well. They just make me look like a round ball. I blame the increase in chest size - empire line seems to make the situation much worse :) I have been sticking to my ordinary clothes but wearing a longer vest top underneath. Bellybands have also been great - even if just to keep my bump warm.

In toddler news Eve said "leithscéal" this morning after she burped. I had a proud mama moment :) She's obsessed with the movie Tangled at the moment and will sit for the whole thing, completely absorbed. God she's cute!

Anyone else expecting?

21 - 23 Weeks Pregnant

I have been a nervous wreck over the past few weeks. I am anxiously awaiting 24 weeks of pregnant, waiting for that viable time. Here are some bump pictures, yes, jammies n' all!

 21 weeks pregnant

23 weeks pregnant

Bump has definitely grown! Lost of movement too.

Scan I had another anomoly scan at 21 weeks to follow up on the one at 18 weeks. Everything was fine, yay! Baby was wriggling away on the monitor and the doctors were very happy with growth so far. 

Anxiety Huge! I just want to keep my head down and get to 24 weeks. I am full of nervous energy and always feel like I was to take off into a run. Pity I'm not allowed run this time round.

Swelling puffy ankles and legs at night. 

I will be thrilled when I get to 24 weeks. Every week after that will be a bonus.
How is everyone?

18/19 weeks Pregant

Very nervous this week about reaching 20 weeks and having to start worrying about pre-eclmapsia checks. It will all be worth it! Here are some bump photos...

Belly at 18 weeks pregnant

18 weeks

Scan Went very well. Baba is measuring a week small which is fine for my height and frame. There were no anomolies. Had a lovely view of our nugget on a huge flat screen. Magic.

Uterine Doppler Screening I was sent for this because of my dodgy history. The results were normal. I wish this meant more but it was explained that it really doesn't help access risk of pre-eclampisia if there are no notches present in the uterine arteries. What? I know, my thoughts exactly. I'm going with the flow.

 Me in the scanning waiting room. Yes, we were bored...very bored. 

Beautiful baba at 18+2 weeks

and his/her little so cute!

My blood pressure is still low, which is great but I am so dizzy! We went away for the weekend, our last hurrah before 20 weeks - we decided from that time on we will stay close to our hospital. When we were away we picked up Eve a gorgeous new navy and pink Maclaren XLR buggy. They are the best. There is nothing wider and more comfortable. Her first one was in bit! Regretted getting the train instead of driving though, luggage and a buggy on a train was not fun. I can feel baby move much more strongly now. Feeling relaxed and ready for anything!

Belly at 19 weeks pregnant

19 weeks:

Bump has really grown over the past few days. I am back into my expected weight range, just about. I'm tired and have a cold but I'm happy! I'm feeling plenty of wriggles and kicks and my blood pressure is still low. My ankles have started to puff in the evenings now. How pretty! I have an appointment in Haemotology tomorrow and then I'm free from the hospital. Delighted!

Hope everyone is well!

17 Weeks Pregnant

Belly at 17+2 Weeks

Bump has grown significantly over the last few days. As with all of my pregnancies, before a big growth spurt I am tired for three days before hand. Then the bump pops more.

Movement I have been feeling the baby wriggle for weeks but last night I felt my very first kick from the outside. I left my hand there for 10 minutes and felt a full kicking session. It was so incredible to feel that again after so long. It now feels very real.

Heartbeat I got an Angelsounds fetal heart monitor just for fun. It means the whole family can hear babies heartbeat. 

Bump Lotions I am using so many creams and oils on my bump this time round. I leave one in the press in the kitchen and one on my  bedside table. I am using Baby Bee oil, Bio Oil and Cream.

Weight Yay! Four pounds up from pre-pregnancy weight. Still a little behind but I seem to be catching up quickly now.

Energy Enough to play with a toddler all day, clean, work and occasionally prepare a dinner. Beyond that, nil. Walks, outings are a killer.

Leg cramps Starting!

Hair/Skin/Nails All doing well :) My nails and hair are growing like wild-fire.

Hospital Appointments I have uterine doppler screening next week to check the blood vessels in the placenta. I think it's to access the risk of growth restriction.

Baby Crafts I am crocheting up a storm. A friend of my mums had a baby at 27 weeks so I have been busy crocheting teeny weeny premature baby hats. I am also crocheting a blanket for Feileacain. These are used in memeory boxes in hospitals when babies die. They rely on people to make and donate white chochet of knitted blankets - I should probably do a big post on this at some stage to help raise awareness.

Hope everyone is well!

16 Weeks Pregnant...

16 January 2013

Here is bump at 16+2 weeks (excuse the unmade bed, mess etc., I always take bump pictures first thing in the morning. Otherwise I would forget!)

  Belly at 16 weeks pregnant

So at 16 weeks:

Scan I had yet another scan this morning. It's the first time I saw the baby move so far. I had four Jellytots before my appointment so baby was wriggling away. It was so lovely to see. He/she is upside down, facing away.

Swelling A little by evening time. It comes down by morning though. On my previous 2 pregnancies it started around now too and kept going away until it one day it stopped going and kept building. 

Cravings None. I've never had one.

Movement I've been feeling wriggles on and off for a few weeks now but I felt the very first kick the night before last. Very happy about this. 

Appetite Roaring. It's nice to be hungry instead of sick. Now, what can I eat next?

Anxiety It really peaked around Christmas and New Years, I could feel it in my throat. But it seems to have dissipated. I still get moments of nervousness, usually coming up to scan dates. By the time it comes to lying on the bed to have the scan I am a nervous wreck. I keep waiting to hear those awful words again. Fingers crossed I never have to hear then again. Other than that I'm quite calm.

Maternity Clothes Nope. I had to leave the button on my skinny jeans open when bump was low but it has risen higher now and my jeans close again... for now. I was looking through my maternity clothes yesterday. Most I didn't get to wear whist pregnant on Olivia, I never got big enough. According to what the doctors are telling me I may not get into them this time either. Unless I put on two stone of chocolate bickie weight that is.

And completely unrelated... 

Getting away My mum bought us a voucher for a two night hotel stay in Waterford for Christmas. I think we'll book it for a break before I hit the 20 week mark and the anxiety really starts.
Books I still can't stop reading. I get so lost in a book, it's a great escape. I just devoured Divergent (Roth), a dystopian novel. I loved, loved, loved it. I'm half way through Insurgent, the second book in the series. I also finished the Lux series (Armentrout) - Obsidian and Onyx. Opal arrived in the post so I'm excited. I feel like I'm alone in my book interests, nerdy Amy I suppose :)

Hope you're all keeping well. How goes baby planning, growing, motherhood etc?

15 Weeks Pregnant...

12th January 2013

I'm all over the place this week. Let me start with a 15 week bump pic...

Belly at 15 weeks pregnant

I was worried last week that there wasn't a whole lot of change but this week I can see a difference.

Me at 15 weeks:

Morning sickness Went away for a few days but pops back on occasion just for the sheer joy of it.

Blood pressure Is ridiculously low this week 80/45 today and yesterday. I have been parallel since it dropped down.  I remember this for a couple of weeks while pregnant on Olivia at the beginning of the second trimester. According to my baby app on my iphone my body is making a few extra litres of blood. I'm dizzy and woozy, lovely.

Bra Issues Sweet baby Jesus my boobs are they are taking over the country. I am up two cup sizes since last week. I have had to wear a wireless bra, which I usually hate but have no choice. I posted during my last pregnancy about how much I hate maternity underwear..with a passion! Ugly and not what you need of days you feel frumpy instead of pregnant.

Weight I'm too afraid to weigh myself. Hoping that I have put on something, anything. But am doubtful. I will weigh myself at 16 weeks.

Movement Lots of little wriggles after eating and when resting

Energy Zilch. I'm putting this down to low blood pressure. I keep thinking that at 15 weeks on my last pregnancy I had buckets of energy. This pregnancy is definitely different to the last two.

Worries Met with the fetal expert doctor - I'm not sure what they are actually called but her job is looking after the foetus in the womb. As I'm high risk I've been seeing her every few weeks. I wasn;t offered any reassurances at this appointment, I think that ship has sailed, what's left is honesty. She told me that this baby will probably be out long before my due date. Since she deals with the foetus health she never mentioned pre-eclampsia but talked about the possibility of me having another small baby - growth restricted small. I was assured that if this baby measures small at any stage it will be whisked out. I'm trying not to think about it. One day at a time.

Appointments Next Wednesday I have an appointment with out consultant to check on everything. I'll have yet another scan. I'm always a nervous wreck before them now. Fingers crossed we see a healthy baby again at this one.

I had to add this photo...

Eve got a tent off her uncle for Christmas, she calls it her "bass" which we think means 'base'. :) She also got a toaster, who knew she would have so much fun with a plastic kitchen appliance! Happy as a sandpiper.

I hope everyone is doing well!

14 Weeks Pregnant...

4th January 2013

I'm dying!

Ok so I'm a little melodramatic this week. Let's blame it on the hormones... oh and the barfing!

Belly at 14 weeks pregnant

Food poisoning On the 2nd of January I woke at 5am to a day of vomiting. I couldn't keep anything down, including liquids. I was worried about the baby but just kept sipping rehydration sachets and hoping for the best.  The following day I was exhausted and nauseous. Still am. 

Morning Sickness It's soooo bad. 14+4 weeks and no let up. It's hard to eat although I'm making myself. It also lasts all day which sucks. Anyone else ever had lingering morning sickness?

Movement On New Years Day I felt the first little wriggles. It can be hard to determine what baby wriggles feel like but since this is my third I'm ol' pro :) For me they feel like butterfly wings beating back and forth. Feeling life made me cry for an hour though since I know the dreaded feeling of no movement.

Weight Have only put on one and a half pounds since pre-pregnancy. This is reminiscent of my last pregnancy on Olivia. I'm trying not to worry but have been completely unsuccessful. I'm putting this down to the nausea and the occasional throwing-up session.

Excercie Not a chance. Can't. Move. From. Couch.

Boobs Still at an acceptable size. Yay. If you read my blog during my last pregnancy you will know that I was dreading the giant boobs that I got in the last few months of pregnancy on my first. I never got there in the end but my milk did come in, which was devastating. Stuff like this obviously doesn't bother me so much this time round but I'd still rather look normal in the chest department :)

Bump Hasn't grown a whole lot since last week but it's early days. I have looked pregnant for quite a while so it's great that everyone now knows. Walking around the shops with my large handbag on front of my belly was getting old.

Appointments I'm seeing the haematologist in a week. They're just keeping a close eye.

Poor Eve has come down with a tummy bug so I spent the afternoon cleaning her up. After a few wardrobe changes I opted to leave her in her robe and surround her with towels. The joys of parenting. She still looked cute though!

We brought her to her favourite park when she felt better - doesn't look like she wanted to be smooched by her mama though!  

Side note - this is the most comfortable coat EVER! Thank you Zara :)

Think that's it for this week. Writing this has at least distracted me from the nausea for ten minutes. You are all so obliging!

How are you all doing? Any news?

13 Weeks Pregnant & Christmas Photos, Olivia...

Christmas Eve 2012

Yay! I finally reached my second trimester. I'm 13 weeks today. I'm relieved to be at the stage where miscarriage chances are less but really I won't feel safe until I hear this baby cry.

Belly at 13 weeks pregnant

Screening Results  - So after 4 days of waiting I finally received the call with the results of First Trimester Screening. A 29 year old generally has a 1 in 670 chance of carrying a baby with down syndrome so I was hoping for 1 in 500. Well after the screening this baby has a 1 in 13,750 chance - so basically I have the same risk of having a downs baby as a 15 year old. This is phenomenal news.

No shared care - As I'm considered high risk this time round I have all of my visits with the same consultant instead of the convenience of shared care with your local doctor. I obviously don't mind as it means a closer eye on this little nugget. But it also means that all of those little drop-ins to my gp over blood pressure and other pregnancy issues will all have to be taken up with the hospital. I dread to think of the parking fees!

Sinus headache - this plagued me on my last 2 pregnancies. My Gp prescribed a steroid nasal spray that doesn't pass through the umbilical cord but this time around I have no such options. It's paracetamol of nothing. Nothing it is!

Christmas tomorrow! Eve is sitting beside us on the coach watching ET for the first time. This is a right of passage in our family. I am very excited about Santa's visit and I have been dreaming of Christmas dinner for at least 4 months now. I won't be cooking, thank God! Here are some pics...

 Our tree this year

Eve on Christmas Eve morning...

Ready for Santa....

Eve decided to gallop around on the reindeer ornament...

Hair is a holy shocking state - Yes, I have said this before. But no, it has never been in need of highlights so urgently. I avoided having my hair done in my first trimester so that means it has been 4 months and I only had a t-bar touch up last time. I shall be calling on mammy dearests services as soon as she has had her Christmas rest.

Remembering Olivia this Christmas. No she's not here in my arms but she is in my heart. It's a hard time of year for anyone who is missing someone. Last year we sat around the dinner table talking about how next year there would be two high chairs beside us. Regardless, our baby was part of our Christmas.

We lit her remembrance candle on Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! Sorry, couldn't resist :)

Amy x

11 / 12 Weeks Pregnant - Wrong dates!

So this week I thought I was 11 weeks but after a booking visit with the hospital and a little scan it turns out that I'm actually 8 days more pregnant than I thought. I'm actually 12+2 weeks today. Nice to fire ahead to the end of the first trimester - I was counting the hours anyway so I would be passed the obvious risky stage. Although my risky stage is still to come.

 Belly at 12 weeks pregnant

Baby at 12+2 weeks

Scan & Booking Appointment - Everything looks fine. I had a little cry on the doctors table after hearing the words 'and there's the heart beating'. Every time I'm scanned I go back to that morning when I heard that Olivia's heart had stopped. I'm in for a lot of checks and scans but it's for the best.

1st Trimester Screening - Screening was recommended by my consultant due to a scan that showed that she had an echogenic bowel (enlarged) which can be a marker for Downs Syndrome. It involves a scan in the fetal assessment unit by a consultant in the field. They look at the amount of fluid at the back of the babies head - the more fluid the more likely your baby has downs. This was followed by blood work which checks for the presence of certain proteins. The results of the scan, the bloods combined with your age give you a 1 in ? risk. The general chances of having a baby with Downs at 29 is 1 in 660 (or there abouts), the screening gives you the chances for your specific baby. I have to wait a few days for the results, I'm extremely nervous. The baby wasn't moving around during the scan so the consultant had the sonographer check the blood flow in the placenta which looked fine. That being said it looked fine 2 days before Olivia died too so it doesn't offer me any more re-assurances. I was very anxious about going back into the screening rooms since the last time I was there I received the worst news a pregnant woman can receive. It turned out to be ok.

Olivia's room - I had to pass the room where I stayed after we got the awful news. It was the place we took her back to and with the exception on the chapel it was the only place she was. The room was empty and the door was open so I stood and took it in as means of ripping off the band-aid I think. It was upsetting but when I'm in the hospital she feels close. Maybe because we never brought her home.

Bye bye nausea - Finally, I have paid my dues. The nausea and vomit cloud has lifted and just in time for Christmas scoffing too!

Bump Size - As I mentioned in last weeks post there  is no denying I'm pregnant. I haven't put on any weight and yet I look like I did at 4-5 months when I was pregnant on my first.

Weight Gain - None yet. I have a bump so the lack of gain is definitely due to the vomiting. The information on weight gain states that this is normal but I would point out that my lack of weight gain on my last pregnancy was definitely not normal. Never assume everything is fine, always ask. It never occurred to me that the reason I was wearing my own clothes at 7 months pregnant was because my bump was too small and my baby was growth restricted. There are plenty of people who wear their own tight fitting clothes the whole way through pregnancy but for me it wasn't a good sign. I think I will always worry.

Delighted things are going well so far!