Sunday, March 24, 2013

15 Weeks Pregnant...

12th January 2013

I'm all over the place this week. Let me start with a 15 week bump pic...

Belly at 15 weeks pregnant

I was worried last week that there wasn't a whole lot of change but this week I can see a difference.

Me at 15 weeks:

Morning sickness Went away for a few days but pops back on occasion just for the sheer joy of it.

Blood pressure Is ridiculously low this week 80/45 today and yesterday. I have been parallel since it dropped down.  I remember this for a couple of weeks while pregnant on Olivia at the beginning of the second trimester. According to my baby app on my iphone my body is making a few extra litres of blood. I'm dizzy and woozy, lovely.

Bra Issues Sweet baby Jesus my boobs are they are taking over the country. I am up two cup sizes since last week. I have had to wear a wireless bra, which I usually hate but have no choice. I posted during my last pregnancy about how much I hate maternity underwear..with a passion! Ugly and not what you need of days you feel frumpy instead of pregnant.

Weight I'm too afraid to weigh myself. Hoping that I have put on something, anything. But am doubtful. I will weigh myself at 16 weeks.

Movement Lots of little wriggles after eating and when resting

Energy Zilch. I'm putting this down to low blood pressure. I keep thinking that at 15 weeks on my last pregnancy I had buckets of energy. This pregnancy is definitely different to the last two.

Worries Met with the fetal expert doctor - I'm not sure what they are actually called but her job is looking after the foetus in the womb. As I'm high risk I've been seeing her every few weeks. I wasn;t offered any reassurances at this appointment, I think that ship has sailed, what's left is honesty. She told me that this baby will probably be out long before my due date. Since she deals with the foetus health she never mentioned pre-eclampsia but talked about the possibility of me having another small baby - growth restricted small. I was assured that if this baby measures small at any stage it will be whisked out. I'm trying not to think about it. One day at a time.

Appointments Next Wednesday I have an appointment with out consultant to check on everything. I'll have yet another scan. I'm always a nervous wreck before them now. Fingers crossed we see a healthy baby again at this one.

I had to add this photo...

Eve got a tent off her uncle for Christmas, she calls it her "bass" which we think means 'base'. :) She also got a toaster, who knew she would have so much fun with a plastic kitchen appliance! Happy as a sandpiper.

I hope everyone is doing well!

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