Sunday, March 24, 2013

21 - 23 Weeks Pregnant

I have been a nervous wreck over the past few weeks. I am anxiously awaiting 24 weeks of pregnant, waiting for that viable time. Here are some bump pictures, yes, jammies n' all!

 21 weeks pregnant

23 weeks pregnant

Bump has definitely grown! Lost of movement too.

Scan I had another anomoly scan at 21 weeks to follow up on the one at 18 weeks. Everything was fine, yay! Baby was wriggling away on the monitor and the doctors were very happy with growth so far. 

Anxiety Huge! I just want to keep my head down and get to 24 weeks. I am full of nervous energy and always feel like I was to take off into a run. Pity I'm not allowed run this time round.

Swelling puffy ankles and legs at night. 

I will be thrilled when I get to 24 weeks. Every week after that will be a bonus.
How is everyone?

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