Sunday, March 24, 2013

18/19 weeks Pregant

Very nervous this week about reaching 20 weeks and having to start worrying about pre-eclmapsia checks. It will all be worth it! Here are some bump photos...

Belly at 18 weeks pregnant

18 weeks

Scan Went very well. Baba is measuring a week small which is fine for my height and frame. There were no anomolies. Had a lovely view of our nugget on a huge flat screen. Magic.

Uterine Doppler Screening I was sent for this because of my dodgy history. The results were normal. I wish this meant more but it was explained that it really doesn't help access risk of pre-eclampisia if there are no notches present in the uterine arteries. What? I know, my thoughts exactly. I'm going with the flow.

 Me in the scanning waiting room. Yes, we were bored...very bored. 

Beautiful baba at 18+2 weeks

and his/her little so cute!

My blood pressure is still low, which is great but I am so dizzy! We went away for the weekend, our last hurrah before 20 weeks - we decided from that time on we will stay close to our hospital. When we were away we picked up Eve a gorgeous new navy and pink Maclaren XLR buggy. They are the best. There is nothing wider and more comfortable. Her first one was in bit! Regretted getting the train instead of driving though, luggage and a buggy on a train was not fun. I can feel baby move much more strongly now. Feeling relaxed and ready for anything!

Belly at 19 weeks pregnant

19 weeks:

Bump has really grown over the past few days. I am back into my expected weight range, just about. I'm tired and have a cold but I'm happy! I'm feeling plenty of wriggles and kicks and my blood pressure is still low. My ankles have started to puff in the evenings now. How pretty! I have an appointment in Haemotology tomorrow and then I'm free from the hospital. Delighted!

Hope everyone is well!

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