Sunday, March 24, 2013

17 Weeks Pregnant

Belly at 17+2 Weeks

Bump has grown significantly over the last few days. As with all of my pregnancies, before a big growth spurt I am tired for three days before hand. Then the bump pops more.

Movement I have been feeling the baby wriggle for weeks but last night I felt my very first kick from the outside. I left my hand there for 10 minutes and felt a full kicking session. It was so incredible to feel that again after so long. It now feels very real.

Heartbeat I got an Angelsounds fetal heart monitor just for fun. It means the whole family can hear babies heartbeat. 

Bump Lotions I am using so many creams and oils on my bump this time round. I leave one in the press in the kitchen and one on my  bedside table. I am using Baby Bee oil, Bio Oil and Cream.

Weight Yay! Four pounds up from pre-pregnancy weight. Still a little behind but I seem to be catching up quickly now.

Energy Enough to play with a toddler all day, clean, work and occasionally prepare a dinner. Beyond that, nil. Walks, outings are a killer.

Leg cramps Starting!

Hair/Skin/Nails All doing well :) My nails and hair are growing like wild-fire.

Hospital Appointments I have uterine doppler screening next week to check the blood vessels in the placenta. I think it's to access the risk of growth restriction.

Baby Crafts I am crocheting up a storm. A friend of my mums had a baby at 27 weeks so I have been busy crocheting teeny weeny premature baby hats. I am also crocheting a blanket for Feileacain. These are used in memeory boxes in hospitals when babies die. They rely on people to make and donate white chochet of knitted blankets - I should probably do a big post on this at some stage to help raise awareness.

Hope everyone is well!

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