Sunday, March 24, 2013

11 / 12 Weeks Pregnant - Wrong dates!

So this week I thought I was 11 weeks but after a booking visit with the hospital and a little scan it turns out that I'm actually 8 days more pregnant than I thought. I'm actually 12+2 weeks today. Nice to fire ahead to the end of the first trimester - I was counting the hours anyway so I would be passed the obvious risky stage. Although my risky stage is still to come.

 Belly at 12 weeks pregnant

Baby at 12+2 weeks

Scan & Booking Appointment - Everything looks fine. I had a little cry on the doctors table after hearing the words 'and there's the heart beating'. Every time I'm scanned I go back to that morning when I heard that Olivia's heart had stopped. I'm in for a lot of checks and scans but it's for the best.

1st Trimester Screening - Screening was recommended by my consultant due to a scan that showed that she had an echogenic bowel (enlarged) which can be a marker for Downs Syndrome. It involves a scan in the fetal assessment unit by a consultant in the field. They look at the amount of fluid at the back of the babies head - the more fluid the more likely your baby has downs. This was followed by blood work which checks for the presence of certain proteins. The results of the scan, the bloods combined with your age give you a 1 in ? risk. The general chances of having a baby with Downs at 29 is 1 in 660 (or there abouts), the screening gives you the chances for your specific baby. I have to wait a few days for the results, I'm extremely nervous. The baby wasn't moving around during the scan so the consultant had the sonographer check the blood flow in the placenta which looked fine. That being said it looked fine 2 days before Olivia died too so it doesn't offer me any more re-assurances. I was very anxious about going back into the screening rooms since the last time I was there I received the worst news a pregnant woman can receive. It turned out to be ok.

Olivia's room - I had to pass the room where I stayed after we got the awful news. It was the place we took her back to and with the exception on the chapel it was the only place she was. The room was empty and the door was open so I stood and took it in as means of ripping off the band-aid I think. It was upsetting but when I'm in the hospital she feels close. Maybe because we never brought her home.

Bye bye nausea - Finally, I have paid my dues. The nausea and vomit cloud has lifted and just in time for Christmas scoffing too!

Bump Size - As I mentioned in last weeks post there  is no denying I'm pregnant. I haven't put on any weight and yet I look like I did at 4-5 months when I was pregnant on my first.

Weight Gain - None yet. I have a bump so the lack of gain is definitely due to the vomiting. The information on weight gain states that this is normal but I would point out that my lack of weight gain on my last pregnancy was definitely not normal. Never assume everything is fine, always ask. It never occurred to me that the reason I was wearing my own clothes at 7 months pregnant was because my bump was too small and my baby was growth restricted. There are plenty of people who wear their own tight fitting clothes the whole way through pregnancy but for me it wasn't a good sign. I think I will always worry.

Delighted things are going well so far!

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