Sunday, March 24, 2013

14 Weeks Pregnant...

4th January 2013

I'm dying!

Ok so I'm a little melodramatic this week. Let's blame it on the hormones... oh and the barfing!

Belly at 14 weeks pregnant

Food poisoning On the 2nd of January I woke at 5am to a day of vomiting. I couldn't keep anything down, including liquids. I was worried about the baby but just kept sipping rehydration sachets and hoping for the best.  The following day I was exhausted and nauseous. Still am. 

Morning Sickness It's soooo bad. 14+4 weeks and no let up. It's hard to eat although I'm making myself. It also lasts all day which sucks. Anyone else ever had lingering morning sickness?

Movement On New Years Day I felt the first little wriggles. It can be hard to determine what baby wriggles feel like but since this is my third I'm ol' pro :) For me they feel like butterfly wings beating back and forth. Feeling life made me cry for an hour though since I know the dreaded feeling of no movement.

Weight Have only put on one and a half pounds since pre-pregnancy. This is reminiscent of my last pregnancy on Olivia. I'm trying not to worry but have been completely unsuccessful. I'm putting this down to the nausea and the occasional throwing-up session.

Excercie Not a chance. Can't. Move. From. Couch.

Boobs Still at an acceptable size. Yay. If you read my blog during my last pregnancy you will know that I was dreading the giant boobs that I got in the last few months of pregnancy on my first. I never got there in the end but my milk did come in, which was devastating. Stuff like this obviously doesn't bother me so much this time round but I'd still rather look normal in the chest department :)

Bump Hasn't grown a whole lot since last week but it's early days. I have looked pregnant for quite a while so it's great that everyone now knows. Walking around the shops with my large handbag on front of my belly was getting old.

Appointments I'm seeing the haematologist in a week. They're just keeping a close eye.

Poor Eve has come down with a tummy bug so I spent the afternoon cleaning her up. After a few wardrobe changes I opted to leave her in her robe and surround her with towels. The joys of parenting. She still looked cute though!

We brought her to her favourite park when she felt better - doesn't look like she wanted to be smooched by her mama though!  

Side note - this is the most comfortable coat EVER! Thank you Zara :)

Think that's it for this week. Writing this has at least distracted me from the nausea for ten minutes. You are all so obliging!

How are you all doing? Any news?

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