Sunday, March 24, 2013

13 Weeks Pregnant & Christmas Photos, Olivia...

Christmas Eve 2012

Yay! I finally reached my second trimester. I'm 13 weeks today. I'm relieved to be at the stage where miscarriage chances are less but really I won't feel safe until I hear this baby cry.

Belly at 13 weeks pregnant

Screening Results  - So after 4 days of waiting I finally received the call with the results of First Trimester Screening. A 29 year old generally has a 1 in 670 chance of carrying a baby with down syndrome so I was hoping for 1 in 500. Well after the screening this baby has a 1 in 13,750 chance - so basically I have the same risk of having a downs baby as a 15 year old. This is phenomenal news.

No shared care - As I'm considered high risk this time round I have all of my visits with the same consultant instead of the convenience of shared care with your local doctor. I obviously don't mind as it means a closer eye on this little nugget. But it also means that all of those little drop-ins to my gp over blood pressure and other pregnancy issues will all have to be taken up with the hospital. I dread to think of the parking fees!

Sinus headache - this plagued me on my last 2 pregnancies. My Gp prescribed a steroid nasal spray that doesn't pass through the umbilical cord but this time around I have no such options. It's paracetamol of nothing. Nothing it is!

Christmas tomorrow! Eve is sitting beside us on the coach watching ET for the first time. This is a right of passage in our family. I am very excited about Santa's visit and I have been dreaming of Christmas dinner for at least 4 months now. I won't be cooking, thank God! Here are some pics...

 Our tree this year

Eve on Christmas Eve morning...

Ready for Santa....

Eve decided to gallop around on the reindeer ornament...

Hair is a holy shocking state - Yes, I have said this before. But no, it has never been in need of highlights so urgently. I avoided having my hair done in my first trimester so that means it has been 4 months and I only had a t-bar touch up last time. I shall be calling on mammy dearests services as soon as she has had her Christmas rest.

Remembering Olivia this Christmas. No she's not here in my arms but she is in my heart. It's a hard time of year for anyone who is missing someone. Last year we sat around the dinner table talking about how next year there would be two high chairs beside us. Regardless, our baby was part of our Christmas.

We lit her remembrance candle on Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! Sorry, couldn't resist :)

Amy x

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