Sunday, March 24, 2013

16 Weeks Pregnant...

16 January 2013

Here is bump at 16+2 weeks (excuse the unmade bed, mess etc., I always take bump pictures first thing in the morning. Otherwise I would forget!)

  Belly at 16 weeks pregnant

So at 16 weeks:

Scan I had yet another scan this morning. It's the first time I saw the baby move so far. I had four Jellytots before my appointment so baby was wriggling away. It was so lovely to see. He/she is upside down, facing away.

Swelling A little by evening time. It comes down by morning though. On my previous 2 pregnancies it started around now too and kept going away until it one day it stopped going and kept building. 

Cravings None. I've never had one.

Movement I've been feeling wriggles on and off for a few weeks now but I felt the very first kick the night before last. Very happy about this. 

Appetite Roaring. It's nice to be hungry instead of sick. Now, what can I eat next?

Anxiety It really peaked around Christmas and New Years, I could feel it in my throat. But it seems to have dissipated. I still get moments of nervousness, usually coming up to scan dates. By the time it comes to lying on the bed to have the scan I am a nervous wreck. I keep waiting to hear those awful words again. Fingers crossed I never have to hear then again. Other than that I'm quite calm.

Maternity Clothes Nope. I had to leave the button on my skinny jeans open when bump was low but it has risen higher now and my jeans close again... for now. I was looking through my maternity clothes yesterday. Most I didn't get to wear whist pregnant on Olivia, I never got big enough. According to what the doctors are telling me I may not get into them this time either. Unless I put on two stone of chocolate bickie weight that is.

And completely unrelated... 

Getting away My mum bought us a voucher for a two night hotel stay in Waterford for Christmas. I think we'll book it for a break before I hit the 20 week mark and the anxiety really starts.
Books I still can't stop reading. I get so lost in a book, it's a great escape. I just devoured Divergent (Roth), a dystopian novel. I loved, loved, loved it. I'm half way through Insurgent, the second book in the series. I also finished the Lux series (Armentrout) - Obsidian and Onyx. Opal arrived in the post so I'm excited. I feel like I'm alone in my book interests, nerdy Amy I suppose :)

Hope you're all keeping well. How goes baby planning, growing, motherhood etc?

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