Saturday, May 26, 2012

27 Weeks Pregnant

Sorry this weeks post is a little late!

Yes, I am definitely pregnant! I say this because up until now I haven't had the feeling of being big and  pregnant. Yet when I see the photo below I think my bump is much smaller than this stage in my first pregnancy.

 27 weeks pregnant

Weight  I mentioned in last weeks post that I hadn't put on enough weight. Well this week it caught up - I haven't changed my diet or activity levels but mt weight gain this week makes the last month average one pound a week. I feel a lot happier about my weight now.

Food All milk smells gone-off to my nose at the moment. On my last pregnancy I kept throwing out sausages because they smelled sour so I assumed they were off. I did this about twenty times before Mr Amy commented that it was statistically impossible for that number of sausage packs be gone-off when they were bought on different dates and from different butchers :) Now I obsessively smell the milk - which always smells sour to me! I have eating a lot of scrambled eggs with fresh tomato for the past few months but over the past few days the thought of digging in to my once favourite meal makes me gag.

Morning sickness & nausea Back with a vengeance. I get it in the evenings now. I had to change my dinner time so that I could keep it down, Fortunately, I don't have time to dwell on it. 

Check-ups  My last checkup was at 24 weeks with my gp - I have  shared care. There was a little protein in my urine sample which has been on my mind ever since. My next appointment is next Monday (I'll be 28 weeks) and hopefully no protein shows this time. I also have a glucose intolerance test on that day to check for gestational diabetes - I'm automatically tested thanks to PCOS. On my first pregnancy this involved 3 blood tests and a lot of lucozade - which I hate! I also have to fast from the night before. I'll wake like a bear that day :) I'll also get to see baby again which I'm excited about.

Maternity clothes Still in my own clothes this week.

Swelling The swelling in my legs has starter to stick around. Up until last week my legs swelled in the evening but was gone by morning. This morning when I woke I couldn't feel my shin bone. This is how it happened on my first pregnancy. I  just kept swelling and swelling with no let up. Eventually it moved to my face and neck. I'm hoping it doesn't mean pre-eclampsia this time. 

What to pack I'm heading to the Canaries in two weeks for 18 days and I have no idea what to pack. I was thinking maxi dresses are the way forward in case my legs swell more, particularly after the flight. I raided my wardrobe the other day and found that my shorts still fit, good. I will need to pick up a few tops though. I really haven't a clue what to bring. I have been busy sorting Eve's wardrobe out, I haven't given myself much thought.

Travel Insurance for Pregnancy & Letters to fly It's hard to find travel insurance that will cover me as I will be 29 weeks flying out and two days under the 32 weeks limit coming home.  I eventually found one! I'll have to ring and get a quote, surely it will be expensive. I also need a form signed by my doctor to say I can fly after 28 weeks. If I had have known all of this I might have travelled earlier.

YouTube Bump Channel I started a new channel for bump and baby related videos. My first video is up :) Link!

Ok enough about me.. How are you? :)

Amy x

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  1. You look lovely! I wish I will look as lovely as you when I will be pregnant :)