Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What are you reading?

Ok, so this is a little off the bump and baby topic but ever since my Omega supplement cured my baby brain I can't stop reading. At least I'm using my new powers for good!

I ordered four books from The Book Depository (I never use book shops anymore, so much cheaper and free worldwide delivery). Before I placed my order I spent an entire night reading reviews on GoodReads. I love using that site for reviews as I can check in with others who like the same type of books as me.

I'm a big fan of the urban fantasy genre... werewolves, fairies, witches, vampires but set in modern times. There are certain authors within this genre who write smutty, romance type novels and then call then Urban Fanstasy. I don't really like those. I like a good story. I also like the Young Adult genre. I'm not really into serious, thought provoking reads at the moment. Reading for me is an escape so I don't want to cry, worry, feel stressed or sad when I read.

With all of that in mind I chose four. All of which are the first in series. I do love a series!!

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead - Loved this! It's a young adults series, well written, fast-paced with intriguing, likeable characters. I ordered the next three in the series to read by the beach next month.

Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampire Series) by Chloe Neill - I actually liked this one even more. The  main character is funny and strong. It's a lighthearted read and I couldn't stop turning pages. I also ordered the next three of these for the beach - I'm clearly planning an exciting holiday :)

The Huger Games by Suzanne Collins - I feel like I'm the last person to catch on to this trilogy! I haven't seen the film, I wanted to read the books first. I'm about half way through and I was enthralled from the first page. The tone is much more serious than the other three books but the pace makes it read like a movie. I can see why it was adapted for the big screen.

First Grave on the Right by Daryna Jones - There is a recommendation on the front of the book from JR Ward who couldn't put it down. Now, if you're a fan of JR Wards books you will probably like this. Unfortunately,  I'm not her biggest fan. This is the absolute worst cover for a book of this genre I have ever seen! It looks like an holiday novel. I found the lead character contrived and the humour forced. It felt like the funny lines were written separately and then spread around through the book. There were also sections of dialogue that were so choppy that I lost interest. Admittedly, I did enjoy the second half significantly more than the first but this book really didn't do it for me.

When I'm finished the Hunger Games I will order the last two books from the trilogy and then I'll see where I go from there.

What types of books do you like and what are you reading?

Amy x

Ps My 27 Week Pregnant post will be up tomorrow!


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  2. Try the "Hollows" series by Kim Harrison. I think it would be called Urban Fantasy.

  3. Oooh thanks for the recommendation!