Thursday, May 17, 2012

A spot of baby shopping...

Poor bump has no new clothes yet but Eve has been shopping like a mad little woman :)

The first dress is from Next. It was a birthday gift and I love it! I think it  might be sold as a top but on Eve it's a dress...for now.  The white one is hand embroidered and was a pressie from Mexico. It's beautiful on!

I went rooting for sun hats that tie on. There were oddles of choices for newborns but not a whole lot for toddlers. The red strawberry one, which is reversible was €9 from Debenhams. The beige safari and pink hat are from H&M €2.95 each.

I can't remember the name for the style of these - a dress which has legs :) I got so much use out of these last year on holiday, they are so light and airy. My sister picked this gorgeous one up for Eve for her birthday. It is adorable one.

Eve has is walking and running at this stage so on days when she's at home mucking around I tend to leave her in leggings - dresses got caught when she's trying to climb. It's a monkey I have, not a baby :) This top is so simple but really pretty and elegant on. The material is really nice. The leggings are navy and white fine stripes. Both are from Next.

These were so cheap - both from H&M. Each item was about €3!

Top is from H&M €4.95

This dress was €6.95 from H&M - yes, that's the full price. Adorable on.

Socks €1.75 per pack of three from Dunnes

Romper is from Dunnes (€10 for a set of two) and Next €11

I can't believe how cheap the clothes are in H&M. So much cheaper than Dunnes and yet miles nicer. My local Dunnes has awful tacky stuff lately and they are a rip-off when you consider the quality of what you're buying.

In other news H&M in the Pavillions, Swords, now sells maternity Woo Hoo!


  1. The item is a playsuit in the third picture :D

  2. Loved everything -- so cute!! I visited the maternity section of H&M in was okay, they didn't have anything spectacular but the prices were good and the selection was v.small so you will probably have better luck in Dublin! :) Also, did you know Red Herring in Debenhams have a maternity line? Just discovered it yesterday :) xoxo

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