Monday, May 14, 2012

A Supplement to End Baby Brain!!

You may have read my post on my recent 'baby brain'. I could barely think clearly besides string a sentence together. Well, no more!

I feel like screaming from the roof tops with delight. I CAN THINK AGAIN!!!!

Unfortunately baby brain didn't pass by itself. I had to take matters into my own hands. I was chatting to a nurse about how bad my memory and concentration had gotten and she told me that the secret was Omega. Apparently the nugget takes most of the omega from my body and I'm left with nothing. Now I know Pregnacare Plus and Max have an Omega supplement suitable for pregnancy but the levels are not high enough for some. I was taking Pregnacare Max and noticed no difference, it also makes me feel nauseous.

Another thing I should point out is that most Omega supplements are not suitable for pregnancy. They contain dangerous levels of Vitamin A - which is something to do with the part of the fish the oil is extracted from...ick. Let's not get into that, I'm already feeling queezy today. 

Enter my savior!

I picked up this box of Prenatal MorDHA in my local pharmacy. It has 80% Omega-3, the highest DHA formula. It's designed with pregnancy and breastfeeding in mind but they sell different varieties. I can't believe the difference in my concentration and memory. I'm done with Seven Sees and Pregnacare. I bought my box for €30 in McCabes for a two month supply. It is worth every penny in my books.  

The manufacurer is Minami Nutrition or those hunting for it. In the interest of convenience I googled the product to see where it was available internationally. US -  iHerb for $25.20. UK - I would say go to your pharmacy first (£27.95 on

I also bought the baby version for Eve - it's strawberry flavour but judging by her face it still tastes gross. I snip the capsule and add it into her drink/yoghurt. I only give it to her every other day as I'm confident she has a balanced diet. I'm still on the fence as to whether I would repurchase the baby one.

I'm using my new found brain power to read like a mad woman (post coming tomorrow).

I feel like Supergirl!

How is everyone?

Amy x


  1. Hey Amy,
    Glad you found a good supplement to end baby brain. I don't have a baba but I feel like I have baby brain all the time :) How are you feeling? Getting more and more excited? I'm excited for you. I am just finishing up the 50 shades series...not my normal reading but man is the love story so good! Hope you are having a great Wednesday :)

  2. Oooh I'm a sucker for a good ol lovestory :) I am getting so excited now! How are you?

  3. Thanks Amy I'm gonna give these a try I got a 7 month old and baby brain seems to be getting worse as he gets bigger. I asked my hv she said it was because I was still breast feeding! Anyways im trying to stop feeding now but thing I will be heading to the pharmacy this morning thanks x