Tuesday, June 12, 2012

28 Weeks Pregnant

* Update - I scheduled this post to go live about 9 days ago and nothing happened! Forgot to check, oopsies. I am working on this weeks on now with photos. 

I'm 28 weeks pregnant - holy moly that feels a little bit shocking! How times flies when you have no time to think about being pregnant.

Apppointments I had a scan on Monday followed by a three hour glucose screening test, always a joy. I'm off the hook for another 4 weeks now, woo hoo!

Baby Position Baby is head down. Eve was head down at 28 weeks and stayed there until she was born. All good so far.

Scan I had another wee look at nugget on the big screen. What a looker! :)

Bump Is so different this time. High and compact, last time I was low and more like a sprawl.  I'm finding it very easy to dress this time round.

Shopping I did a spot of holiday shopping and just plain refused to buy maternity clothes. I hope to Jesus I don't go through a major spurt on holiday - I can hear you all now, serves ya right!

Leg cramps I would rather labour any day to leg cramps. Is it just me or is it the most unbearable pain ever?? I tried the excercises the physio recommended in the hospital. The only way I can keep them away is to go for a walk - they never happen on the day I get my legs pumping.

Braxton Hicks Barely noticeable in my first pregnancy, this time round they're more pronounced. I have found myself sitting down in the supermarket on occasion. 

Bathroom Breaks I feel like I should just move into the loo. The bladder punching is out of control. This baby seems to be facing inwards all of the time. I feel kicks to my organs more than kicks to my tummy.

All in all I have had one hell of a week. Eve has an ear infection

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