Thursday, May 3, 2012

Missing wine...

I came across an interesting article online called Can you really enjoy non-alcolic wine? I have never even heard of such a wonderous thing. Non-alcoholic beer, sure, but I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.

Now, you may be wondering why a pregnant woman in concerning herself with such beverages. Well, I have been known to enjoy a cool glass of dry white wine on occasion - especially if I have access to fresh bread and basil. It's also coming into juicy tomato season and well, wine is a necessary companion. I don't actually drink that much at all, I'm a complete light weight, but I love wine with food.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I did miss it during my first pregnancy. I remember sitting in a restaurant eyeing up a ladies chilled glass and I practically drooled. I planned to have a glass of savignon blanc in my hand to celebrate the baby's arrival but after an induction, labour and then the emergency c-section after she wouldn't come out I was delighted to see tea and toast. And then came the breastfeeding so I didn't bother drinking (I chanced my arm one night after expressing and died of a hang over for 2 days. End of that.) I had great  plans to explore wine after I weaned Eve but low and behold I'm preggers again.

Back to non-alcoholic wine. I'm in.

I bought this bottle of Carl Jung in my local Superquinn for €6. They also had a sweet white, a medium white and a red. I'm a divil for a bit of sparkle though so it had to be this one! It's medium dry which will do as I hate sweet wine. Off to taste...

30 minutes later...

Grape juice. That's all it is. Bleh!

For me, wine is all about bringing out the flavour in food so this is pretty useless. It's more like something you would drink with a Sunday brunch.

I stayed at the Station House Hotel in Meath a few weeks ago. They have an award winning restaurant so I was dying for dinner. It felt wrong to embark on a three course meal sans wine so I ordered a bottle of non-alcolohic white wine called Ariel. Grape juice again, just not fizzy this time. Dinner was fabulous though and their afternoon tea is divine. I met a lovely girl who worked there that approached me to say she reads my Bump Blog - what a small world! She is also expecting a baby - Congratulations Joanne!

You may be wondering about the ingredients - Dealcoholised wine, sugar, carbon dioxide, preservatives, ascorbic acid, sulphur dioxide. Now, this means nothing to me but you may be wiser.

Any recommendations?? Do you miss a tipple?


  1. Amy, I think non-alcholic wine was one of the first things I researched when I found out I was preggers! Tried that Ariel stuff to celebrate the good news and may as well have just bought apple juice. Total waste of money. Glad to say I don't miss the vino much at the moment now, but I'm still 1st trimester and feeling ropey most of the time, so maybe that'll change next month! x

    1. Poor you! I think I was the same when I was feeling ick at the beginning but as soon as my appetite increased I couldn't stop thinking about it ha ha
      Best of luck with the baby growing! x

  2. A few people told me that I could have an occasional glass of wine when I was pregnant, but I never wanted to. I was so afraid of eating or drinking something that would harm Logan. I settled for sparkling grape/apple juice, which it sounds like you have as well ;). I did sneak a sniff of the real stuff a few times, which seemed to help with any cravings :).

    1. Ha ha Lex, that is exactly what I do, smell everyone elses wine! I've been told the same thing, the odd small glass in 3rd trimester is supposed to be fine but I just couldn't chance it. Apparently they're still not sure about the effects of the odd glass are. Better to be safe than sorry!