Thursday, May 24, 2012

Maternity Swimwear?

I have moaned quite bit about maternity underwear lately. Why did I expect anything more from maternity swimwear!

Before I get started, a question - why are so many maternity clothes black?? Do they think we're concerned with appearing slimmer? I'm pregnant not 10 stone overweight. Pregnancy is a beautiful time, where your body flourishes, why hide it away in a black shroud?! What happened to floral dresses, barefoot in the kitchen? It's actually quite difficult to find swimwear that isn't dark either.

I found two tankini's - these to me the least hideous thing on the market here.

Both from Mothercare £26 -  They're on special, buy one get one half off. I don't like the idea of a tankini. Should I be hiding the bump though?

I managed to find one bikini from Mamalicious for €29.99 at New Look...

  This so isn't me but I would bear it if it weren't for the bum picture - those stripes make the maniquins bum look huge, what will it do for humans??

I'm starting to wonder if I even need a maternity version. What's stopping my buying an ordinary bikini that fits? Am I missing something?


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