Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pregnancy Cardio & Pilates for Free

If you're like me and you like keeping fit but have neither the time or the inclination to join an class then I highly recommend YouTube. I mentioned before that I walk every day with a little jogging (I have been reducing the intervals gradually as I'm getting bigger) but on days like this where it's lashing rain, there isn't a chance in hell I'm going out there.

Here are two videos I found this morning. I did both whilst Eve played on the floor with her books (I did get the odd questionable glance from her and at one stage she stood up and danced along!) The cardio is gentle but gets your heart rate up - not too much though as you want to take it easy. The pilates was also fun. I have always preferred a fast paced pilates routine (no yoga for me!). The pilates isn't relaxing, it's a work out. I had no hand weights (they're on the balcony soaking wet) so I used two small water bottles.

Pregnancy Pilates:

Cardio Suitable for Pregnancy:

The weather is supposed to stay crappy for a few days so I might try these videos again tomorrow and then search for some more.

On  my last pregnancy I bought a few pre-natal exercise dvd's. I found then both boring after 3 days so gave them to a friend. I prefer the idea of YouTub-ing different videos each day. It probably challenges your body more as you're not repeating the same routines.

Any thoughts?


  1. I had the 10min Pilates DVD and did it throughout my pregnancy (until the very lasts days!) and i loved it!!

    1. Do you mind if I ask which one? 10 minutes sounds achievable!

  2. Replies
    1. Wish I knew. I found I always fell asleep during yoga whereas pilates I found stimulating. Probably down to personal preference.