Thursday, April 12, 2012

Baby brain

The term 'baby brain' covers a multitude of sins - all of which apply to me. I'm sure many of you can relate - at least I hope you do or I'm just going batty!

 I am blaming baby brain on the following:

  1. That I re-read the same page of my book each night yet it's like it's brand new information every time.
  2. That I can't remember ANYTHING!
  3. That I start sentences and then just trail off into a mumble because I've lost my train of thought (and nowadays, it doesn't come back to me later).
  4. That I point to everyday inanimate objects and can't think of the word for it. For example 'The bulb is gone from the, the, the, the, thing-ma-bob' *she says as she frantically points at the microwave*
  5. That I never get any jokes anymore. I'm now that eejit who laughs at the wrong part or takes 10 minutes to catch on... and on occasion it will have to be explained. Oh the humanity. 
  6. That I now change vowels for no apparent reason. For example, "I'll meet you at Soaperquinn" and "Put that in the boat" - the first being Superquinn, the second being boot, unfortunately I don't own a boat. Both of these comments made me a source of ridicule amongst my family, ahem, sister!
  7. That sometimes I'm driving somewhere and have a momentary lapse where I can't remember where I'm going. On one occasion at the beginning of my pregnancy I had to pull over.
  8. That I occasionally stop half way on the stairs, forget where I'm going or have a "Am I going up the stairs or am I going down the stairs" moment.
  9. That I once could well under pressure and now I just crumble and cry.
  10. That I can't hold a conversation where... I just got distracted mid sentence when asked a question and now I can't remember. How appropriate. Will update when I remember, if I remember.

The two things baby brain is good for is 1. list making and 2.  making me be a better mama because there is literally nothing else on my mind.The list thing is weird - I struggle to string a sentence together and get sit there making lists like a mad woman. Maybe I am a mad woman. Who knows.

I have heard that women's IQ drops when they are expecting. Now, I don't know how true that is but it sure would explain a lot.

I remember thinking that my brain would go back to normal after I gave birth. Not a chance Amy. A friend of mine told me it took her a year for her to get back to her articulate self. I unfortunately didn't even give myself a year before getting pregnant again. I feel extra stupid this time round.

To come to think of it, this might be why I blog... because I can't articulate myself in person anymore! Ha. 

Tell me it's not just me?!


  1. Definitely not just you! I feel completely idiotic sometimes because my mind has been out to lunch since I was pregnant. I especially felt smart when my new boss asked me a bunch of questions last week and I just stared at him, not being able to think of what to say or how to say it. Ugh. My husband used to laugh at me all the time but now he expects a blank expression on my face. I thought that playing Words With Friends would help to sharpen my mind but it usually just frustrates me. Oh, the joy :).

  2. I'm glad it's not just me!!! Sometimes I think everyone else is a mile ahead. I can relax and know there are more out there feigning understanding Lol

  3. HAHAHAHA! Oh my word, that was laugh out loud funny! True and unfortunate, but funny! It happens to everyone, so you just have to laugh. Otherwise you may just crumble and cry ;)

    1. Hee hee You're so right - laugh instead of cry all the way :)

  4. Not just you. I call it "Mommy Brain" though because my babies are 12 and I'm still waiting for the brain to function properly. :-)