Thursday, April 5, 2012

20 Weeks Pregnant - Scan, Thoughts & Outfit of the Day

I'm 20 weeks pregnant this week. I can't believe it's half over already! On my first, every minute dragged because I was dying to meet her. This time round I'm lucky if I get a minute to remember that I'm growing a human.

I had my anomaly scan on Monday (what a beautiful name for it). For us it meant nervously awaiting the news that our baby is growing normally and has no genetic defects... for our families it meant one thing. Gender scan. Now, we decided that this one would be a surprise but some family members are finding this news difficult :)

Before I get into it, here's a bit of an Outfit of the Day:

  • Jeggings - Penneys / Primark (great elasticated waist)
  • Cardi - Forever21
  • Top - Dunnes (€12) - Empire line is so handy for pregnant ladies 
  • Necklace -
  • Boots - Roxy
  • Glasses - Accessorize 

Here are 10 issues floating through my head at 20 weeks:

1. Some meats and herbs still make me feel nauseous. Last time round this was gone by 10 weeks. Gagging is always such a pleasure.

2. Still fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans. Ok so not big deal on your first but by our second you have separated tummy muscles to deal with. On my last pregnancy I was most definitely in maternity jeans by now - more to make room for all the food I ate in the 2nd trimester - I was starving all the time!

3. Belly button which is usually an inny is now completely flat.

4. Wishing I had massaged more bio oil into previous c-section scar or perhaps if I had left it longer than 7 months between pregnancies it wouldn't be an issue. 

5. Nesting instinct has already kicked in  - planting flowers, baking and cleaning things I never thought of before.

6. I'm enjoying having so much energy for my baba at home.

7. Loving that the kicks can be seen through my clothes now.

8. Dreading giant boobs! I feel like I just got rid of them after breastfeeding and they're back already. I just refuse to wear ugly, sensible underwear.

9. So far my emotions are stable. No melt downs over chocolate biscuit not having enough chocolate...yet.

10.  No pregnancy acne yet either. On my first I had horrible skin issues. Still time though.

Here's the 20 week scan photo - boy or girl? 

I went for a 4d scan the last time and it was great. Baba came out looking exactly like the video but that put me off this time. There was too much expectation and I love an aul surprise.

Think that's it for today. Any of you at a similar stage? Thoughts on 4d scans?

Amy x


  1. Hiya Amy, I am so excited you have made a bump and baby blog :) I am looking forward to all the baby related posts even tho i don't have children I love hearing all about it :) xxx Thank you for sharing with us :) Good Luck xxx

    1. Thanks so much Aveen! :) Glad your enjoying.
      Ps I'm now adding you name to my baby name list - hope that's ok :) xxx

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  3. Love seeing pictures... you look great and baby looks adorable already :). We weren't planning on having the 4D scan, but the ultrasound tech surprised me with it during a few of our 10+ ultrasounds. That's exciting that you're keeping the gender a surprise. Hardly anyone does that anymore, unfortunately. I wanted to with Logan but Jason insisted we find out. Are you going to try to give birth vaginally or will you be scheduling a c-section? I'm not sure what the opinion is on that in Ireland :).

    1. Hi Lex - they don't schedule c-sections here unless you pay for the surgery yourself in a private hospital (costs a bomb) or if the hospital decides you need one. Other than that it's just emergency sections (like me last time). I want to avoid a section like the plague - really want to do it myself. Think I might do a post on this. You're full of great ideas :)

  4. Hi Amy congrats!! I didn't kno u were pregnant or already have a baby! (I follow u on YouTube) Wow it will be hard with 2 at ssuch a close age but def well worth it. I have 2boys, 2yr old and 5month old. I can barely mind bein pregnant 2time round. 1st was an emergency section and 2nd was planned at 42 wks! A planned one is def easier to recover from! When are u due?

    1. I'm comforted by the fact that you added 'well worth it' lol. There'll be a similar age gap between my two so I'm also taking comfort from the fact that you're still alive and coherent :) I'm due on the 22nd August. Hoping to avoid section but to be honest once baby is healthy I don't care. That being said, at 42 weeks pregnancy I'd be signing along the dotted line!