Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Custom Baby on Board Signs- I couldn't resist!

I couldn't resist! Much like my beauty blog you will be hearing those words a lot here. Be warned.

I had one of those generic bright yellow 'Baby on Board' signs when Eve was first born. I found that it made little or no difference to the closeness people drove to my bumper. I also wondered about the colour. Sure, it's the colour of a danger sign and therefore attracts attention but does anyone else find it aggressive?  I'm probably just over-sensitive but I do think that colour affects how I think somtimes.  I recently read about a famous interior designer who designed his range of products for a department store using turquoise and orange - colours he chose to have an anti-depressent effect. Many fast food chains use yellow and red interiors so you eat fast and don't linger. There's obviously some research there, I just don't know a thing about it.

I digress. I took the yellow sign down in the end but since I traded my beloved Fiat 500 in for a VW Passat I have noticed that people drive much closer to me than before. I hate that. I started ebaying...

Custom made Baby on Board signs. There are thousands of designs on ebay and hundreds of sellers to choose from. I didn't like the idea of putting Eve's name on it, I'm not sure why. I thought it fitting to choose the word 'babies' since I will have two sprogs in four months time (holy moly, still scares me when I think it).

I bought it from this ebay seller - Link but as I said there are so many sellers and designs out there.

I popped it in my back window a week ago and I have noticed that I haven't had one car drive too close. Of course this could be coincidence. Then again in Dublin, aggressive tailgater's are part of everyday life.

It's soft and pink and pretty and probably completely unnecessary. Do you use one of these? Any other ' I couldn't resist' moments?

Amy x


  1. I use these when I have my younger cousins and relatives in the car cause these are infact to inform the paramedics or emergency services if you have an accident that you have a child or children on board and to search the area for them. So your only actually suppose to use them when there's a child on board, that being said this is one of the cutest ones i've seen! Normally I get mine from tesco and they're really garish! Congrats on the new baba! xxx

  2. Never knew that! Makes sense. Thanks a mil :) x