Monday, April 23, 2012

Addiction! Pregnancy & Baby Mags

Thanks for all your lovely wishes for Eve's first birthday. It went so well! I will post more about it later on! Still trying to decide if I should show a picture of her or not.

I have been addicted to glossy magazines for as long as I can remember. When I'm pregnant I find that my usual favs don't do it for me. For example, picking up In Style is no good when your choice of clothing is limited to maternity wear. Cosmo feels like it's aimed at nine-to-fivers rather than a stay at home mammy with a bump. Reading the usuals makes me feel left out.

Hence my new addiction, pregnancy and baby mags. It's the one place I feel right at home. A place where your woes of puffy ankles, worries about giving birth to a ten pounder and how to chase your toddler down the supermarket isles are all common place.

Here are three of my favourites:
  • Maternity & Infant - I LOVE this magazine. All of the info applies to Ireland and everything can be bought here. People from outside of Ireland might find it odd that this is such a luxury for us but for the longest time British mags were the only bump/baby type on the market here. I still read magazines from the UK but it's nice to have everything in euro. A lot of the advice in it comes from midwives, nurses, doctors and childcare professionals who all work in the Irish system. I can detect a slight difference in attitude towards common issues. They reflect Irish ideals.
  • Mother & Baby - Love he fashion pieces. I actually kept the Mother & Baby's I bought on my first pregnancy for reference and I still dip into them as issues arise. I find it more helpful than parenting books. Many of my mags have post-its on the front cover or have pages marked.
  • Prima Baby & Pregnancy -Always has good freebies and enjoyable articles.

I'm off to put my feet up for a half hour with a hot cuppa and have a read. Any magazine recommendations?

Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!

Amy x

PS. I just finished a new post on VOYA Cast Away Facial Wash on Make Up & Beauty if you're bored! It's organic and made with hand-harvested Irish seaweed - thought it might be something those of you with pregnancy skin might be interested in!

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