Monday, April 30, 2012

24 Week Pregnant & Bump Pic

It occurred to me this morning that I'm over half way through my pregnancy. It feels like I have no time to actually feel pregnant. No time to think about kicks or baby planning. My world revolves my little madam at the moment, which I am entirely content with. That being said I feel a little guilty for the bump! So to honour the bump I thought I would blog.

Here are some things on my mind at 24 weeks: (bump pic below)

Exercise: I'm a very active person by nature. I find walking boring and so prefer to run. I once loved the gym but despise it now and am happier outdoors - Eve is most content outdoors too. Actually, my whole family are the outdoorsie-sort (and we all hate team sports - a trait that extends to past generations!) I love running though. It makes me feel most like me. I didn't realise I was pregnant for a while so I was jogging most days in early pregnancy. Then came morning sickness - I couldn't keep anything down for about 5 weeks. I stuck to walking during this time with intermittent spurts of jogging (no running). The doctors guidelines are that you can continue to do what you did before you were pregnant once you're comfortable but that you shouldn't take up a new exercise regimen. I'm loving it and feel great. Admittedly,  I have walked only for the past few days - the bump grew significantly and I feel a little tired. I'm sure I'll bounce back in a few days.

Eating: I'm finding it harder to make time for myself for obvious reasons this pregnancy. On my last one I could plan dietary requirements - have I had enough calcium today? I have come to learn that Eve really doesn't care if I've had enough calcium :) These days I need to set an alarm on my phone to remind me to eat something!

Cravings: I had no cravings at all with my first pregnancy. So far I have none on this one either. Any weird cravings?

Two babies!! I'm quite a laid back sort of a mother. I believe in instinct and intuition. Most of the time I know I can manage 2 babies just fine. It will be hard but I will get through it and try my best. I am quite sure of this. I haven't been frightened at all. Until yesterday. I had a brief "oh my God" moment. Then it passed and I went back to knowing it will all be fine. That being said, anyone with advice on raising two babies so close in age will be listened to intently :) I also read a comment from one of my readers who has a young baby and is expecting twins. She's not even the tiniest bit daunted about having three babies under three. Now that's just inspirational.

Maternity Clothes (see below) I'm still managing my usual clothes for the time being. The button on my skinny jeans wouldn't close the other day so I wore a bump-band over them - I highly recommend Bump Bands. H&M have something similar in lots of colours and they're €4.95. You won't find them in the maternity section as they're sold as jersey skirts but they are identical to the Bump Bands I own and much cheaper.

Heartburn EVIL!!!I eat small and often and avoid the main heartburn culprits. Yet the heart burn is getting worse. It's there when I'm hungry, full or eating. It's there regardless of how often I eat and regardless of portion. Rennie anyone? I won't touch Galviscon!

Baby clothes I'm dying to prepare clothes etc but it's way too early. I left this right til the end of my pregnancy last time round. I'm not superstitious in any way but I do know that many things can go wrong with pregnancy and birth. I'll just wait patiently and hope for the safe arrival of my baby.

And here is the growing bump at 24 weeks:

Definitely smaller than my last pregnancy at this stage. I bought my trousers from Red Herring Maternity in Debenhams (reduced from €45 to €12!!) They turned out to be a mistake today - I'm not ready for maternity clothes yet, I spent the entire day pulling them  up! Love the colour and the turn-up though. Back to my own jeans for a few more weeks I think. I probably shouldn't be moaning! 

Any issues on your mind?? G'wan, share with the group :)


  1. You look great! I think my bump was bigger than that at about 12-14 weeks with Logan :P. I'm still trying to get rid of my post-pregnancy tummy. You're right to not worry about raising 2 little ones... it will come naturally :). I'm sure Eve will be a great big sister as well. Once things settle down after Logan's birthday party, I'll put together another package for you and the "bean" :).

  2. You will not Lex! Don't be silly. Can't wait to hear all about Logans Birthday. I'm going post about Eve's (as soon as the photos are sent over). Hope all is well and I really hope you're right about 2 babies coming naturally. Maybe you could come over and give me a hand :)

  3. When i was 24 weeks pregnant my bump was really bigger than you however you look amazing in this pic. I read your post it is really nice. Thanks for sharing us your pregnancy views.
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