Tuesday, May 28, 2013

35 Weeks Pregnant & Case of the Crazies

Today might not be the best day to blog about being pregnant. Why? Probably due to the fact that I am a raging hormone. That being said sometimes pregnancy makes you feel rubbish, it's not all little kicks and joy. Although, for me that is certainly the case most days.

Today is not one of those days. But first, to the bump pictures...

35 weeks pregnant Bump pic

I'm given to understand that feeling a little fed-up is normal towards the end of your pregnancy. This fact does little to settle aforementioned raging hormones.

Before I get to the good stuff I'm gona moan about the bad stuff. Oh yes, this is a form of therapy :)

1. Restless legs - I want to kick the bejesus out of everything. I have never had this before. To be honest it's probably responsible for most of my discomfort. Somebody help me! Have you had this?

2. Nausea.

3. Cramps - Periody type pains - don't worry, nothing regular or debilitating. Hoping they pass soon, it's probably just Braxton Hicks.

4. An over-tired, teething clingy toddler today. Completely understandable. I usually take days like that in my stride but Eve was much feistier today and every. single. little. thing led to a tantrum. By 4pm I just sat on the floor and wailed right along with her :) Excellent parenting Amy. I can actually hear her scream from outside right now as my husband tries to get her to come inside. Then again she hasn't slept or eaten in forever. If there is a prayer for patience I really need to start getting holy.

5. Head cold - I don't usually have time for colds. I take a Benyln Day/Night and get on with things like there is nothing wrong. But now that I can't take said Benyln drugs, thanks to their power to constrict blood vessels, and can only take paracetamol (hello, does that actually do anything?) I have had 5 days of stuffy head, runny nose, a throat that feels like a knife sliced through it and worst of all, the congestion - which has me up through the night and up for the day at 5am. Hey, maybe that's why I'm such a cranky witch today (ok, so replacing that w with a b might be more accurate).

6. Braces - My orthodontist added an elastic. Jesus, my face won't stop hurting.

Ok, rant over. Thank you for listening. You can let me know how you would like to be paid. Now to the hearts and rainbows....

Healthy baby My last scan was yesterday and the doctor was delighted with him/her.  I could see a full head of hair swaying back and forward in the amniotic fluid. My heart warms every time I think of it :)) I got some good clear ultrasound photos of the face. I bet my husband that this baba will be a blonde like Eve and I, he's convinced it will be a brunette like him and Olivia. Our family consists of two of each so this baba will decide the balance.

Bump size Definitely bigger this week. Woo Hoo! The shape has changed too - it's sort of dipping down at the front like it's toppling over.

Movement Had one quiet day where I didn't get my usual mental evening kick session. If I'm honest, I was concerned but I did count enough movements throughout the day, they were just different. The following day everything returned to normal.

Weight As I mentioned before, I have stopped weighing. I was too concerned that I wasn't putting enough weight on.

Labour/Delivery I mentioned last week that we had to think about what we wanted if I went into labour myself before 38 weeks. The doctor told us that if that were to happen and I opted to try myself that I would be hospitalised from the very start and be monitored closely throughout the whole labour. That put my mind at ease so we decided to go with that option. If I don't go into labour before then it will be an automatic c-section. I would love to avoid this as we haven't decided how many children we would like to have but I wouldn't like to have to stop because of surgeries, I want to stop when we're ready to. I might be expecting too much. A healthy baby this time is the main priority. I'm actually a little excited about the idea of giving birth myself again. Terrified of something bad happening again but also excited. That's progress.

Pelvic Floor Ooopsie! When the doctor found out I was pregnant and decided for a section at 38 weeks it never occurred to me that I might go into labour before then. Sure, I was prepared for early pre-eclampsia again but that would have ended in a section too. As a result I have neglected my kegel excercises. Now with the possibility of a natual delivery I'm having regrets. How much work can I get done in 3 weeks?! Maybe I should prepare myself for middle-age incontinence - that's the threat the physio used to make me do them. Adult nappies can be sexy right?

Concentration - where art thou? I spoke before about how much I read, well that's on hold this week. I can't concentrate enough to watch a tv programme let alone read. The one thing I can do is write - so I'm beauty blogging up a storm.

Breastfeeding My post on my experience with breastfeeding is nearly done. It turns out that I had more to say on the topic than I thought. I'll put the finishing touches on it and post it tomorrow or Thursday at the latest.

Pregnancy Beauty Tips This is the topic of my beauty column in the Metro Herald on Thursday. I will post the piece when it's printed but I'm also working on a more detailed post on my beauty blog which I'll also put live on Thursday.

How is everyone? Tell me I'm not the only lunatic out there??

Love Amy


  1. I say this one is going to be a blonde! I'm on your side :). I can definitely tell your bump has grown, which I was very excited about. Hang in there... only a few weeks left to go. I experienced some of the same things at the end of my last pregnancy... I nearly snapped people's heads off if they looked at me wrong. And I've had breakdowns during Logan's tantrums too. I think it's normal ;). You're doing a great job :).

  2. I am so sorry you have this miserable cold. I will be praying that your nose and throat show a little mercy and go away - far, far away! I tried a saline nasal spray and discovered that it is remarkably effective at clearing the nose with no nasty side effects. Good idea to start the kegels. Anything has got to be better than nothing. The worst of it is when you cough or even laugh. Eventually it cleared up but far better not to have it at all. I am thrilled that the baby has come along so well. Having a natural delivery is now a real possibility. It has been a long journey and you still have a bit longer to go, but your little one is looking beautiful and it won't be long before you see its hair and everything else. I am keeping the prayers going for you and your precious child each and every day.

  3. I'm so glad things are going well. Only a few weeks left:) My hormomes were raging too at the end of my pregnancy. I remember one incident where we were hanging wallpaper in the nursery and everyone was getting on my nerves. I wanted it done perfectly...I ended up doing it by myself because anyone who tried to help I bit their head off!!

  4. Oh poor Amy, that's a lot to be dealing with all at once, but hopefully the next week will be easier. Your bump definitely looks bigger too..yey! The scan picture is so cute, you can tell that he or she will be a beauty! I've the beginnings of a cold at the mo, trying to stay away from any medicine so it's honey, lemon and ginger in hot water all the way for me. Hope you feel back to yourself soon x

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