Tuesday, May 7, 2013

32 Weeks Pregnant Update

So I made it to 32 weeks. I am 32+2 tomorrow - which is the same gestation we lost Olivia at. I feel everything from delight and happiness to anxiety and guilt. All part of the process I suppose.

Here is the bump at 32 Weeks exactly...

 Was messing around with Cocoa Brown tan last night :)

Bump Bigger? A small bit I think. I measured 28 weeks at 32 weeks last time and I would say I am the same now. Once baba is getting chunky I'm not worried... well at least I'll try not to be :)

Veins/Broken capillaries Holy lamb of divine I'm turning blue. My veins look like they're set to explode! There is a lovely long one down the side of the bump, which you can see in my bump pic, and about a hundred more all over. I also seem to have quite a few broken capillaries. These went away within a few weeks of giving birth before so hopefully the same will happen. I don't want to start shelling out for IPL!

Maternity wear Tried on a few more over the bank holiday weekend. Think I'll just let it go.

Diet/Appetite My diet is usually quite good (with the exception of the odd pink French Fancie). I'm a grazer by nature and it seems to work well during pregnancy. I do tend to forget about food though so sometimes I set a reminder for myself. Silly but necessary. I don't have a big appetite this time, I was this way on my last pregnancy too. And yet on my first I was ravenous. 

Cravings Am I the only one who doesn't get cravings? I keep hearing ladies at the hospital talk about them. Not that I mind - petrol sambos don't exactly do it for me.

Scans I have a growth scan on Thursday. The doctor usually does a quick ultrasound on Mondays too but with it being the bank holiday she wasn't there so I am extra anxious about this one. I'm sure it will be fine but with the week that's in it and the little bump I can't help but be nervous. 

The fun parts Swelling hasn't gotten any worse - legs, feet and hands by evening. Hands stay swollen some mornings but legs go down to just a little puffy. I think my face looks a little different  but I'm one of those people that gets a fat face as soon as I put on any weight (Boo Hoo). My blood pressure has been so low for the past week 80's/40's and then randomly shoots up only to go back down. Once it stays down I'm happy.

Emotions I had a lovely bank holiday weekend with my family. I was relaxed and enjoyed every minute of it. When I realised that tomorrow I would be 32+2 weeks something hit me like a brick. My feelings are related more to Olivia though than this baby's health - I know everything looks all right. I had a feeling that this would be a challenging time. Hopefully it passes when the day does. 

Hope everyone who is pregnant is enjoying it and baby dust to all those trying to conceive! (I need to do a post on that one sometime). Let me know how you're getting on.

I think there might be half a Lindor chocolate bunny left in the fridge. Off to investigate. What's that I said about being a healthy eater?!

Love Amy


  1. Your emotions must be so complex, with the joy of this baby, the understandable concern, especially at this milestone, and all the while still mourning Olivia. That is a lot to take in while monitory your urine, checking your blood pressure, and trying to remember to eat. I hope that bunny was a sweet reminder of hope. You have a lot of us wishing you well and keeping you in daily prayer. All the best on the growth scan. You are a very strong and loving Mama!

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  3. Looking good, looked like an elephant at ur stage!!:( hope ur well xxx

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