Tuesday, April 16, 2013

29 Weeks Pregnant

Bump has grown a little this week...I think!

Bump at 29 weeks pregnant...

Check out the mirror smears - when I hold Eve on front of the mirror she likes to rub her hands over her reflections face!

Heartburn Sweet lamb of divine it BURNS!!!! The worst offender for me? Apples. You're having a laugh! Chocolate is a close second but they I would deserve that. I keep telling myself that Orange Rennies taste like Refresher sweets. Big fat lie.

Bump App According to my Baby Bump App the baby is now opening and closing his/her eyes, breathing amniotic fluid and losing all the white fluffy stuff he/she has been covered with til now. I love reading about the baby's development. I don't really get the chance to read the daily app updates - they're probably all to familiar having gone through two pregnancies so recently. But I do enjoy the updates at the beginning of each week. 

Weight/Bump size Last time I mentioned the bump was measuring small and I hadn't put weight on in 4 weeks. When I ran this by the consultant last week she checked the on the ultrasound and said that there is very little fat between my uterus and my skin. I suppose that is a good thing huh! Well once baby is growing I don't care! Anxiety and a toddler are apparently keeping me slim, despite all the French Fancies :) For now, at least!

Scans Another one tomorrow. I am definitely bigger this week so I'm not worried.

Swelling Fat feet, legs and hands at night. Just put me in a boiler suit!

New hair Nothing like a few lowlights and a trim to perk up a lady. I also had a lovely Image Oxygen Facial this morning. I feel brand new.

Boobs Oh Sweet Jesus I've lost track of how many cup sizes I have gone up. I'm about half way down the alphabet in double letters at this stage. Thank you third trimester. I have abandoned all the icky maternity bra's that I have spent a fortune on over the past few months and opted for those fitted, racer-back, wireless cami tops. They offer amazing support and most importantly they look normal under clothes.

Sanity I feel better knowing that the steroid injections are in. It's a load of my mind, at least if pre-eclampsia shows early again the doctors don't have to wait if they need to intervene.

How is everyone?


  1. Your baby bump looks like it grew to me!

    1. Yaaaaaaay! Glad it's not just my wishful thinking :)

  2. Your bump definitely looks bigger. Ohhh, the boobs, right!? Apparently your body knows when you're baking more than one. They were monstrous. It was bad enough when men stared but the women! Really. Never knew they made bras up in those high letters. Ha Ha
    Take care.

    1. Hee hee I thought the exact same thing about the letters! Humongous!

  3. Wonderful news! The baby is growing and you are staying slim despite the wonderful pink fancies. Good luck with tomorrow's scan. Sorry about the swollen feet, though. I am a veteran of pre-eclampsia and it can feel so tightly stretched that you wonder if your skin can really stretch that much. Little ones always like to touch the person in the mirror, don't they? I am thankful that you have had a good week. You totally deserve it!

    1. Carolyn,
      Thank you!I do so hate that tightly stretched pre-e swelling feeling.Also feels like walking on a water bed :)

  4. Your bump is definitely bigger! :)I hope your scan went well today! xx

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