Saturday, April 6, 2013

27 Weeks Pregnant - Things are starting to happen!

Hi everyone,

When I found out I was pregnant I thought to myself - if you get to 26 weeks that will be great, if I get to 28 weeks that will brilliant and every day after that will be a bonus. Well at 27 weeks I'm starting to panic a little. More on that later. First, this weeks bump picture (taken at 27+4 weeks).

Bump at 27 weeks pregnant

Bump size - Not too much of a change over the past 4 weeks.

Weight - I haven't put on any weight in 3 weeks. I'm eating well and regularly and I'm not exercising. I'm putting it down to small baby and anxiety.

Scan concerns - I went to see a consultant on Thursday who specialises in fetal well-being/diagnostics. She wasn't happy with the baby's abdominal circumference measurements from my 26 week scan. I knew to be concerned last week so I wasn't surprised by her reaction. It was at this gestation that Olivia's growth restriction started. I may be headed that way again. I'm in for a trip to Fetal Diagnostics on Thursday after my own consultant visit on Wednesday. Although I'm trying to stay positive this is what they have been preparing me for from the start.

Movement Last week I had my first freak-out about my baby's movement. Obviously on previous pregnancies feeling movement was just a source of delight. This time round it's different. I feel so much responsibility. Considering I felt movement decrease last time round until the worst happened, right now I don't trust my own judgment.

Anxiety I was unbelievably nervous before seeing the consultant on Thursday. It was one week of raw panic. After I left I felt a little resigned. If this is going to happen there is nothing I can do.

Crochet I'm making a baby blanket and have finished a few baby hats in a premature size. It makes me feel like I'm actually doing something. I'm trying to choose gender neutral colours.

 I made these little ones for a friend of my mums who had a premature baby girl, they're so tiny!

Swelling/Bp - I've been keeping swollen ankles at bay by drinking nettle tea. It does wonders. Meanwhile my blood pressure is checked every day and remains low. Thankfully! It didn't go up until 30 weeks last time round.

Baby room I did wash the cardigans my Nannie and mother-in-law in Fairy and put them on the shelf.  Other then that I haven't bought anything else. My husband and I decided to wait until we get to take a baby home before we even take the moses basket out of the attic. I'm sure this is normal among those who have experienced a loss?

My heart is in my mouth! Fingers crossed everything works out.

Amy x


  1. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! Love from Ringgold Georgia!

  2. Praying that this little one comes at the perfect time with no complications. Will be sending you a care package soon :). Love ya!

  3. Keeping you and little one in my thoughts that everything will be fine. You're doing brilliant Amy, try stay as positive as you can.

    1. Thanks Odette (beautiful name by the way!) I'm trying to stay positive, whilst scoffing cake of course :)

  4. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers xxx

  5. Lovely to read your updates Amy. How I wish we could be like most women who relax after the first trimester, but for bereaved mothers we each have our own personal milestones in a pregnancy after loss, which tend to be much later on. For me, I think the whole 2nd trimester will be incredibly anxious, as the problem in my last pregnancy was premature rupture of membranes, which led to us losing our twin sons after an incredibly premature birth, so each day I fear it happening again.

    I find it reassuring that you mention not preparing the moses basket until your baby is at home. My husband and I feel exactly the same. I'm currently only 13 weeks pregnant but if I do get further along, I know we will be too scared to buy baby things/decorate a nursery and only would do if we were blessed to bring a baby home. Sadly, our family can't understand why we haven't made a list of things we need to buy, and why we can't get excited. But I know what we're feeling is normal.

    You and your family are in my thoughts, I hope everything works out for you xxx

    1. Amy,

      Huge congratulations! You and your husband deserve every happiness.

      I know what you mean about family not understanding, everyone expects you to be over-the-moon with happiness. They don't want to think about the pain. It will be hard when you get to that same stage, no way around it. Do what feels natural and let the rest go.

      I will be keeping you in my thoughts until you hear your baby cry. Your baby boys will look out for you.

      Much love,
      Amy x

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